Open source software & back-to-school

Back-to-school time is right around the corner, whether going to elementary school, high school, college, or university. Of course, there’s no reason to drop a ton of cash on expensive software when open source versions work just as well or better. Do you have an older laptop, or desktop laying around the house, being used as a door stop because it just for some reason just got slower and slower, laden with viruses & spy-ware, or “I just need a new one.” If you would like to give some life back to that computer being used as a doorstop, why not try one of the educational “Linux” distributions out?

A simple install of a “educational” distribution on a older, or even on a new laptop / desktop can give your child the tools to excel in there education this year. The one that I use with my children is a Linux distribution called “Edubuntu.” We have it installed on a desktop that was given to us because it “didn’t work” anymore. They use it in conjunction with there studies, and are free to browse the internet with a browser that I have found just for kids, letting them learn without my fear of them finding the stuff not appropriate for them.

If you are still interested and want to know what is this “Edubuntu”? “Well Edubuntu is a free / libre / open source GNU / Linux operating system. And if that didn’t make any sense to you, we hope that it soon will. In simpler terms, Edubuntu is a free software system designed for school environments, and should be equally suitable for kids to use at home.” It has everything from math, science, language arts, physics, graphic design, music, biology, electronics, well pretty much anything that you are looking for, you are able to find it. The one thing that I like about all of the Linux distributions out there is that you can burn a “live cd / dvd,” insert it into your computer, boot the computer from optical drive, and test drive the operating system without changing anything on your computer. Or if you wish to you can set up a dual booting computer with just a little bit more work. This allows to have the best of both worlds, if you just can’t live without Windows. I hope that this will help you out with showing you what is available for the coming back-to-school.

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