P2P information gathering…. What your computer can reveal about you.

How to get Pwnd’ with P2P networks.

P2P networks… and you thought that there was just music on there? Information is the key to everything, with enough information anyone can do anything.

I am not going to tell you how to gather the information, but a little bit of info on how to protect yourself, from personal information leakage from your own personal computer.

One of the most common programs that I have found that is installed on someones computer is “Limewire,” there are other programs out there but I am going to focus on the one that I hear alot about when fixing computers. Limewire has the ability to “find” mostly from talking to people that are downloading “legally obtained” music, movies, software, what-have-you.

One thing that you could do is not install the software… Ya I know ;) The other thing that works is actually setting up the software to not share any data that you have. The default settings that are turned on will actually allow everything to be shared; and when I mean everything, I mean everything. “But I have a Firewall” won’t that stop people from getting stuff off of my computer? … no.  Even if you have a firewall running, you have granted the application privileges to send and receive data from the internet, when you clicked on that pop-up window “asking for access to the internet”.

When setting up the preferences for what can be shared. open up the Tools menu, go to Options, and select the sharing tab. What I recommend is not sharing anything, period. It just seamed to be the safest way to keep your information private.  One of the things that I found was that there is a lot of personal information that is out there, a lot of information. The trick is to keep it yours. I am not going to give away too much information about how “simple” it is to do this.  If you are using any P2P programs, just be aware that you are sharing more than you may think you are. The proof of concept will give you goosebumps.

Seattle man sentenced for ID theft, hacking

August 11, 2009 by Databreaches.net

Tuesday, a federal judge in Seattle sentenced the 34-year-old Seattle man to more than three years in prison for using peer-to-peer file-sharing networks to invade unsuspecting people’s computers, steal their financial information and use it to buy items online that he would then sell on Craigslist.

Also heck out this article from the Seattle Times Newspaper


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