Creating Encrypted PDFs in OS X 10.6

You can quickly create password-protected, read-only PDF documents of confidential or personal data. To open these files, you must know the password for them. Also, using an encryped disk image is more secure than using an encrypted PDF.

Some applications do not support printing to PDF. In this case, create an encrypted disc image.

To create an encrypted PDF, read-only document:

1 Open the document.
2 Choose File > Print.

Some applications don’t allow you to print from the File menu. These applications might allow you to print from other menus.

3 Click PDF and choose Save as PDF.
4 Click Security Options and select one or more of the following options:

  • Require password to open document
  • Require password to copy text images and other content
  • Require password to print document

When you require a password for the PDF, it becomes encrypted.

5 Enter a password, verify it, and click OK.
6 Enter a name for the document, choose a location, and click Save.
7 Test your document by opening it.

You must enter the password before you can view the contents of your document.

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