Installing a GUI for Ubuntu Server

If you need to have, or wish to install a GUI for the Ubuntu server here are the packages required for a visual desktop.

  • xorg – X window system
  • gnome-core – GNOME Desktop environment
  • gdm – is the GNOME Display Manager, a graphical login program.
  • gnome-applets – is a collection of many applets for your GNOME panel.
  • gnome-system-tools – is a set of configuration programs for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems
  • gnome-utils – GNOME Utilities for the GNOME Desktop contains the following
  • ubuntu-artwork – This package contains merely the Distributor Logo and pulls in all the
    other components via Depends.
  • compiz-gnome – OpenGL window and compositing manager – GNOME window decorator
  • sysv-rc-conf – gives an easy to use interface for managing /etc/rc{runlevel}.d/ symlinks.
  • fast-user-switch-applet

– sudo apt-get install xorg gnome-core gdm gnome-applets gnome-system-tools gnome-utils ubuntu-artwork compiz-gnome firefox sysv-rc-conf

– sudo apt-get install fast-user-switch-applet

The gdm (desktop) will start automatically when the server starts. For an even leaner setup, to start the gdm, open a terminal and run:

– sudo sysv-rc-conf

Look for “gdm” in the list and then uncheck (using the space bar) the X under column (runlevels) 2 and 3. Now the GUI will only start if you run:

– startx

Have fun.

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