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10.6.4 and printing to RIP, without a printserver

coming soon, after I clean up my notes.

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Creating an Encrypted Disk Image in Snow Leopard

Creating an encrypted image from existing data copies the data from an unprotected area to the encrypted image.

If you must maintain data confidentiality when transferring files from your computer but you don’t need to encrypt files on your computer, create a encrypted disk image from existing data. Continue reading

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Creating Encrypted PDFs in OS X 10.6

You can quickly create password-protected, read-only PDF documents of confidential or personal data Continue reading

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We are working on a local install of Oscar medical for Mac

We are in the process of developing a local install of Oscar Medical for OS X.  I’ll have more information as it becomes avaliable.   Thanks Macpablodesigns

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The Cathedral & the Bazaar – An Essay about Open Source

I anatomize a successful open-source project, fetchmail, that was run as a deliberate test of the surprising theories about software engineering suggested by the history of Linux. I discuss these theories in terms of two fundamentally different development styles, the … Continue reading

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Open Source software evaluation model

One of the best ways of being able to pick the right Open Source software by following the Open Source software evaluation model. This will greatly improve results that are based on what is going to be beneficial to the … Continue reading

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Does your mac really need and anti-virus?

Are you new to the Macintosh, just recently switched from PC to Mac; do you really need an anti-virus? One thing you should pay attention to is what you are doing with your computer. Do I download software, music, and … Continue reading

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New from Mozilla Labs : Ubiquity

You’re writing an email to invite a friend to meet at a local San Francisco restaurant that neither of you has been to.  You’d like to include a map. Today, this involves the disjointed tasks of message composition on a … Continue reading

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Oscar Medical Open Source EMR software

Sue Harris: Past Head of Family Practice, BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital & BC Family Physician of the Year 2008 “Over the last 9 years I have had personal experience with three different electronic medical records. There is no question … Continue reading

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Opensource Educational Software

…………………………………………. Open Learning Class / Content management Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world … Continue reading

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