Converting Windows Outlook mail to Mac mail


The DbxConv program was designed to be a small tool that will extract the messages from an Outlook Express (5.0 – 6.0) mailbox and convert it either to the standard mbox or the Outlook Express eml format. The advantage of saving your mail in mbox format is, that it’s a plain text format, which can be read by many mail-clients. Converting to eml format is a convenient way to re-import the messages into Outlook Express.

The easiest way to convert Outlook Express dbx-files is to copy the mailboxes to a directory with DbxConv.exe in it. Do not try to convert folders, which have the same extension (like “Folders.dbx”), it will not work. Still it will do no harm. What I recommend is make a new folder, copy the emails ( from the Outlook mail directory, not through the Outlook application itself. ) that you would like to convert into the mbox format.

Then open a DOS-box and type “DbxConv *.dbx”. This will convert all dbx-files into mbx-files. I’d suggest, that you keep backup copies of the original dbx-files, at least until you have verified, that other mail-clients can read the mbx-files.

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  1. Great! thanks it help me to convert my Windows Outlook mail to Mac mail.

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